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حمل اسهل وافضل برنامج لعمل مؤثرات للصور

Download Picosmos Picture Tools
  حمل اسهل وافضل برنامج لعمل مؤثرات للصور

 حمل اسهل وافضل برنامج لعمل مؤثرات للصور

برنامج روعة لعرض الصور بكل الإمتدادات وبة كثير من الخصائص ومحرر للصور بسيط وسريع وبة خصائص أخرى كثيرة وعمل المؤثرات والإيطارات والصفحات.
Image plant is the world's fastest image processing engine, bringing people marvel super high definition picture perfect presentation, lucidity, precision sharp fast image processing, to bring you the most realistic HD plug-effect! 

Features Introduction:

  1.  the world's fastest image processing engine; 
  2.  ultra-high-definition picture perfect presentation; 
  3. exclusive support continuous viewing compressed package picture; 
  4. variety of simple image editing functions; 


  1. supports full-screen viewing, refreshing view the big picture; 
  2. Support slide show, and the freedom to set the playback speed; 
  3.  supports thumbnail preview, you can preview the current directory of all-time pictures;
  4.  supports up to 67 kinds of image formats, called plug-most SOFTWARE; 
  5. supports aerial view, convenient location to enlarge the picture after moving; 
  6.  exclusive launch multi-frame GIF image to view and frame saving function; 
  7.  Built-in variety of image editing features simple is compatible with Windows Photo Viewer and ACDSEE super multi shortcut: WINS habit for the picture to see the operation of the user.

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