PicPick برنامج تصوير سطح المكتب

PicPick برنامج تصوير سطح المكتب

برنامج قوى جدا لتصوير سطح المكتب بطرق متعددة وتحرير الصور وخصائص أخرى كثيرة 
حجم البرنامج 12 ميجا بيت  تقريبا
  • Screen Capture

Take screenshots of an entire screen, an active window, the scrolling windows and any specific region of your desktop, etc.
Customize your own keyboard shortcuts.
Support multiple monitor environments, capturing with cursor, auto save and file naming, etc.
Support the floating widget Capture Bar which makes it easy for you to take screenshots.
  • Image Editor
  • Save, share, or send

Once done with capturing and editing your images, you can save, share, or send it with a variety of outputs.
Clipboard - Image files - PDF - Printer - Web (imgur) - Web (imageshack) - Dropbox - Google Drive - SkyDrive - Box - Facebook - Twitter - Skype - FTP Server - e-mail - Microsoft Word - Microsoft PowerPoint - Microsoft Excel .

Color Picker - Pixel Ruler - Magnifier - Protractor - Whiteboard

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